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Yes it does. A few questions that might help me figure out your problem:

1. Are you using an official release of Blender downloaded from the page?
2. What operating system are you on?
3. Did you watch the install video or read the manual (page 4) on installing, and follow the instructions?

Install video:

manual instructions (see page 4):

If you failed to install properly the first time, then you may need to navigate to your Blender settings folder and remove the folder version you are currently using (i.e. 2.77) before trying to install again (the location of these folders differ between operating systems (Mac, Windows etc…) you may have to look up the location for your computer type online before trying to remove the specific folder of your version of Blender’s settings.

The base of it is this; make sure you do not unzip the Sensei Format file after downloading it. The Sensei Format zip file does not (and should not) be placed in any special folder or location (it will be imported automatically when you install it via Blender’s user preferences addons section). Then, open Blender, go to File > User Preferences > Add-ons tab > Press “Install From File” at the bottom of the user preferences window, select on your computer, then press the “Install From FIle” button in the top right corner of the screen.

Once installed click the box next to where it says “Sensei Format”. You’ll be given the choice to either activate or deactivate Sensei Format right then and there, or you can later activate it by going to File > Sensei Format > and pressing “Activate Sensei”. From then on, Sensei Format can be either activated or deactivated from the same menu. Sensei Format requires shutting Blender down when switching between your default Blender settings and Sensei Format, so make sure you save anything you might be working on before switching.