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Hi. Yeah, Sensei uses its own custom workspaces. There’s no way to import or append a workspace from a file unfortunately.

So your options are: Go to File > Sensei Format > Deactivate Sensei to reinstate your default Blender settings from before you installed Sensei Format, which will give you access to the workspace you want but none of the other Sensei Format stuff.


1. Deactivate Sensei Format.
2. After deactivating Sensei Format (now with regular Blender open) save a blank Blender file (to anywhere and call it whatever).
3. Reactivate Sensei Format.
4. Go into File > user preferences and under the “File” tab checkmark “Load UI” (then be sure to press “Save User Settings” before exiting.

Now, whenever you need the default workspaces you can just open the blank Blender file you saved to somewhere and it will load Sensei Format with the default Blender workspaces. Your only other option would be to add a workspace (press plus sign next to the active workspace), set it up how you want, rename it something then go to File > Save Startup File. This is probably the best solution, it will also force you to learn a bit more about Blender’s UI.