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Hi. Sorry. Didn’t realize you were using Sensei Format. Are you talking about the tools in the properties shelf (right side of screen in 3D View) under the display menu? The part where I turn off cage edit in the video? That menu is not showing up in your version or do you mean something else? The only difference with that menu now and at the time of the video is that a box has been added to some of the menu options. I don’t seem to notice any other tool set pop up around 9.45 in the video?

Or do you mean the modeling tools in the toolshelf (left side of screen in 3D View) under where “Extended” is highlighted in the video? If those tools aren’t showing up (or even if I’m guessing the wrong issue) there is a good chance that using Blender version 2.74 (which is about a year old now) may be conflicting with the code. Occasionally the developers update the code to Blender in a way where it is required to be changed in Sensei Format also to work for new versions. Any reason you can’t update to 2.77, the latest, official, stable release of Blender? Actually, once a day, Sensei Format should be prompting you with the option to update Blender unless you’ve disabled the Auto Update feature.