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In the first image where you say you alt-select the faces around the mesh, it appears this is an edge selection not faces. In fact I’d say it was if it weren’t for the fact that at the bottom of the 3D View the mesh selection type is clearly set to faces. I think what’s going on here is your loop of faces is so squished together that they appear as an edge loop even with cage editing on. Also, cage editing is when the edges are wrapped smoothly around the object. You referred to the second image as “with cage editing off” when that is actually with it on… I get that it’s kind of confusing considering the fact that when it’s off it actually looks like the mesh is sitting in a cage… or maybe I screwed up in the video and said off when I meant on, if so, sorry.

So, with cage editing off (appears as boxy edges around smooth mesh), before you extrude or scale anything, try to edge select a loop of edges first and put some distance between the faces which are using it. Shift-scroll up for edge selection or just click the edge select icon in the bottom 3D View menu while in edit mode, and alt-select a loop near the top and start moving things up and down (hold middle mouse to constrain to Z axis or just tap Z after pressing G to move the edge loop up or down) to put enough distance between these edge loops so that when you switch back to face selection and loop select the faces it appears as an actual loop selection of faces and not an edge loop. Make sure that when you’re adjusting these edge loops you don’t overlap one on top of the other. Basically, if you do a loop selection of faces and it appears to be an edge loop (and especially if doing this with cage editing off) then this means your loop of faces is way to squished together or even possibly overlapping and extruding is going to be a mess. Hope that makes sense.