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Glad you got it worked out. The software mostly acts the same regardless of what system you’re using. The problem is, this stuff can get really complicated. I may have been moving to fast at parts in the tutorial, I’ll definitely keep that in mind the next time I make a video visiting the topic.

Whenever you see a “dark” face, what you’re seeing is the backside of a face. In 3D we refer to the direction of a face as its “normal”. This lets us know which side of the polygon face Blender will bother to render, come render time. If it’s dark, the face won’t be rendered. Normal direction is also used for a bunch of other stuff in 3D as well, but we’ll save that for another time.

If you click on an object such as a cube while in Object mode, you’ll notice over to the far left of the screen at the bottom of the list of menus a menu called “normals”. If you click this open you’ll see the option “Double Sided”. With this option checked, there will be no more dark sided faces because this option tells Blender to render the polygon face no mater what direction it’s being viewed from… the downside is this can also greatly increase render times.

Most of the time you’ll want to just keep an eye on stuff and try to make sure that the normals (faces) are facing towards the direction you need them to while you’re extruding and editing your mesh. There’s also tools you can use to flip the normals as well as attempt to make all of the normals in the object point towards one direction. If you press “Tab” to go into edit mode with a cube or something selected, in the Sensei tab under the “Extended” mesh tools, at the bottom there are four buttons side by side, vertex tools, edge tools, face tools, and clean up tools (reads as “More Tools” in the caption and looks like a mesh triangle).

If you click on the clean up tools (button at the end) under “Dissolve Limited” there are two options “Fix Normals” and “Flip Normals”. Fix Normals will attempt to make all the faces point in one direction, and Flip Normals will flip the direction of the normals. Make sure you select everything first before using “Fix Normals” or they won’t be included in the operation.

Sorry this took so long to get figured out but I appreciate the effort you put into solving this problem.