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Having to remove your hand from your mouse to change your view is inefficient. Or, having to migrate your other hand all the way across the keyboard to change your view is also super inefficient considering how commonly its needed. There is no good justification for using the numpad keys for view selection at all. That being the case, it then makes sense to organize the top 1-0 keys to adjust your view in a way that is mnemonically useful. That’s what Sensei Format does 1-2 Front/Back 3-4 Right/Left 5-6 Top/Bottom. You can press File > Sensei Format to download the user manual or Sensei Format hotkeys for more on this.

Sensei Format’s keys are dynamically generated at startup. This accomplishes two things, 1. It does not prevent new versions of Blender from using updated keymaps which may contain new tools (that otherwise, if Sensei Format used its own keymap, could not include until manually updated by me to do so) 2. If a Sensei Format key doesn’t have to overwrite a default Blender key, it won’t leaving as much of the default keymap available for people who are still used to the default Blender keymap.

Because I can’t be sure to what extent you mean when you say “I messed the whole thing up” you may want to deactivate Sensei Format > File > Sensei Format > Deactivate Sensei. Then open File > User Preferences > Add-ons > Open up Sensei Format and press “Remove” to completely remove it. Then download the latest version here and reinstall. If you plan on uninstalling Sensei Format be sure and follow the directions I just layed down, otherwise continue…

Finally go to File > User Preferences > (select Input tab) and where you can search make sure this is set to “Name” enter SFK to see most Sensei Format dynamically generated hotkeys… here you can change these or uncheck them to deactivate the ones you need to deactivate. Also type in “view numpad” in the search area to adjust all the default Blender navigation hotkeys. Make sure and press “Save User Settings” in the bottom left corner before you exit user preferences.