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You’re welcome. I should mention, the numpad keys are mapped by default in Sensei Format to allow you to use the arrow keys on them to rotate the view in the direction of the arrow keys, leaving 7 and 9 which are adjacent to one another to perform similar tasks as 1-2, since pressing them feels the same as the top keyboard number key scheme 1-2 Front/Back in Sensei Format (which you become accustomed to). Same goes for 1 and 3 numpad keys. Anyway…

Ok so, the presets, the one you’re talking about, those only refer to the input options under that column… buttons you can press and settings you can change like Orbit and Zoom style. The actual keymaps are located to the right of this section and there is no default Sensei Format keymap as I mentioned above (not sure if that was clear or not, sorry if I misread you).

The keys are generated dynamically though, so it doesn’t matter what keymap you’re using or create here, whatever changes you make to the Sensei Format hotkeys “SFK” those settings aren’t going to store with any keymap, they are connected via Sensei Format addons… like I said you can of course change them or shut certain keys off and save those changes so they’ll be the same each time you open Blender, but you won’t be able to make a preset of these various options for SFK keys… just decide how you want to use them. The reasons for this I already explained above so I won’t do it again here. Beyond the SFK keys, you can of course use any keymap and change things all you want.