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Hi. Thanks for all your purchases. So I noticed you also purchased Drag & Drop Environments. When you say “When I add a background image” do you mean an environment image using D&D Environments or do you just mean an actual background image (the kind typically used for model referencing) that shows up when you’re in an orthographic view (like when you press 1 for front view or 2 for back…)?

That little image icon button you’re referring to (assuming you’re talking about the default Blender Background Images menu) will display all images that have been loaded into the file no matter how they got there… loaded for a material, rendered from Blender, loaded as a brush etc… it’s a file wide display of any and all images related to the file.

When you say “lots of filenames that are no longer in their directories” do you mean, the names of the images display in the little drop down but they have no thumbnails, or when you click on them they are black? Or do you mean, there just happens to be a lot of images in there?

If you loaded a bunch of brush images via Zero Brush then, yes because that button displays all image data related to the file, so it might show them. However, if you’re talking about a fresh file where you didn’t just load a bunch of brush images and they’re showing up in there, then it’s possible you loaded a bunch of brushes into Blender and then saved your startup file at some point… which would keep them around for any new file you make… there is a warning and explanation about why this shouldn’t be done in the sales receipt… (though this was only added a little while ago, so not sure if you read it).

Anyway, to get rid of images if they’re sticking around, click the button in the far left corner of the main, big 3D View window. This button lets you change the editor type that window is using. Change it to UV/Image Editor. From there you can click on the same little image button you were referring to next to where it says “New” and “Open”. Select each image you don’t want then hold Shift and click the X symbol that appears to the far right of that menu. Do this for all the images you don’t want in your file. When you’re done you can switch the editor type back to “3D View”. Then save your file, restart Blender and open it up again.