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Hi. I don’t often use Blender via Linux. Most of my testing happens in a Windows environment. BPY (Blender Python) is supposed to run identically in all environments, but occasionally there can be quarks.

I can’t imagine why running Blender from the terminal would make a difference regarding bake functions in Zero Brush but if it seems to be helping, I guess keep doing it. None of the error messages you reported are giving me any clues about what might be causing crash issues in Linux when ZB baking. However it did reveal an issue with the ZB Brush hardness slider for weight paint mode, so that bug has now been fixed and will be included in the next update.

I’m not sure what’s causing the Linux bake crashing, could be an issue with your graphics card, the complexity of your scene, some conflicts with other third party addons or even regular Blender settings. If you could post a file here (or send it to support@blenderforums if you don’t want the file to be public) then give me some more info about when it’s crashing, or the differences between a file you use that crashes and a file where things don’t crash, this might shed light on the issue. 3D rendering is a complex beast. You’ll have to be a bit more scientific if you want to find the culprit here. Screenshots can also help as well. If you post or send any, I ask that you do not crop the screenshot or zoom in on an area of the screen as this often times removes the visibility of a critical clue. Thanks.