FORUMS FORUMS General Help Can I use Zero brush and Hard ops, to make/bake normal maps Reply To: Can I use Zero brush and Hard ops, to make/bake normal maps



Hi again SKBFly

Long story short. As i see it, and after some hours with ZB: It’s “just” a very refined tool of what Blender provides out of the box so i don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to import whatever you like. As long as Blender can read the format and the mesh is editable, ZB can make whatever you like to happen. ( except perhaps brew coffe)

Switching dynamically between the two modes i.e using HOps in object mode and switch to sculpt didn’t work as the HOps modifiers is removed visually and also the effect.. so it didn’t seem to make any sense if you can’t see what is changed.. You might rethink the workflow in that case.. applying the effect and switch between the modes was very fast and effortless.. I’d use incremental saves if i had near final models but still wanted to experiment.

I have to read up on the baking workflow as it’s mainly because of this and retopo i purchased the full version of ZB..

Post back if i misunderstood the question i’ll see if i can give more input later