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Hi Carlos. Thanks for buying Zero Brush! When you say “I only see the solid version of all objects” when pressing Shift+Z, down in the header menu of the 3D Viewport, is the viewport shading option actually set to “Solid” when you press Shift+Z or is it indeed set to “Rendered” but all your objects just appear solid? If it’s the later, then you’re probably not using the “Cycles” button (found next to “Blending Mode” in the properties shelf of the ZB menu while in texture paint mode) or you can also access this by pressing “Q” then “Use Cycles” or by pressing the blank button in the ZB buttons menu between the particle brush and fullscreen buttons (available in all modes) to access the ZB menu.

To be able to convert between Cycles and BR you have to use one of these buttons. Using the default button in the top info header menu of Blender will just switch render engines and not auto convert anything. If this is not the case, perhaps you can post a screenshot (or e-mail it if you prefer) to help illuminate the problem.