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You’re welcome. Unfortunately, no. Nothing that works exactly like that. You can hold ctrl and scroll up or down to increase or decrease your selection but it expands in all directions, so wouldn’t really be useful for loop selecting only. There might be a function closer to what you’re wanting buried in there somewhere, but if there is I’m not aware of it. A good place to always go browsing though, is the text menus on the 3D View header menu (Mesh, Add, Select, View).

You can sometimes find more esoteric stuff there. Also Ctrl-Space will bring up an operator (tool) search menu. You may type around its search bar and look for stuff that way too. That menu will display the hotkeys for those tools as well. If you find something you want to change the hotkey of, just remember its exact name in the search menu then go to File > User Preferences (select “Input” tab at the top of user preferences) and in the searchbar (make sure it’s set to “Name”) type the name of the tool you learned about and it should show up so you can adjust its hotkey. Be aware though, Blender has hundreds of pre-mapped keys, so the potential for conflicts means you may have to try a few different keys.

If you find something in this search menu with no hotkey you can make one, by first clicking on the tool from the search menu to use it, then drag the top file menu of Blender down (this menu is actually the header of what’s called the “Info” editor). When you’ve dragged the top file bar of Blender down, you’ll discover The Matrix™. You may have to scroll down, but the last piece of code that shows up should be the operator you just used. What you want to do is click on it to highlight the whole line, ctrl-c copy it, paste it somewhere, then select only the parts after the . in bpy.ops. and before the () so for instance in :


You want “view3d.snap_cursor_to_center”. So back in the Input tab of the user preferences window you can select the 3DView menu to display its submenus (make sure the search bar is now empty or else some of the menus will not display) then depending on what type of tool you used (and what mode you were in when you used it, Object or Edit mode) select the appropriate menu to create a new hotkey for that operator. So if you used a tool while in Edit mode, then most likely, you’ll want to add your new hotkey into the “Mesh” submenu of the 3DView menu. Scroll to the bottom of the “Mesh” menu and click “Add New”. An option called “none” will appear, click it open and paste in the parts I mentioned (in this case view3d.snap_cursor_to_center). When you do you’ll see the operator’s name magically appear where it once said “none”. From there you can give it the mouse or keyboard buttons you want it to have. Press “Save User Settings” below before exiting the user preferences window to keep your changes. Once again, there are a lot of existing hotkeys, so you may have to try a few different ones when trying to make your own hotkeys.