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Hi. If you’re talking about the way your objects display in Solid Viewport Shading, go to File > User Preferences > (select “System” tab at top of user preferences) then on the far right under “Solid OpenGL Lights” those three sphere options and everything to the left of them control the way your objects look when in Solid Viewport Shading. The Viewport Shading menu is located in the 3D View next to where you change Object Mode.

Anyway, you can move those spheres around under the “Solid OpenGL Lights” menu and change the various colors and tones there. Press “Save User Settings” in the bottom left corner before you go to keep your changes. If you end up changing things to an extent you don’t like, you can go to File > Sensei Format > and press “Reset Layout”, to reset your Sensei Format settings. You’ll have to reactivate any additional addons you had activated post installing Sensei Format though if you reset the Sensei Format layout.