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Hi. The first image (screen.jpg) looks like you’ve dropped the lowres version of the related map in there. DND ENV has a mode for that, it’s called “JPG Represents HDR” in the options menu. It’s for when you want small images to represent large HDRS in another folder which helps make browsing more smooth. As is mentioned in the video, the external HDRS, HDRI or EXRS can be located in the same directory or within another folder up or down and DND ENV will find them when you drop the thumb in, but the thumbs and the HDRs have to have the same name (excluding extensions of course, which can be whatever).

Also, make sure “Mirror Ball” is not checked in the DND ENV options menu. It is not checked by default, you would have had to set it to that. Please consult the demo video on the DND ENV store page about how to adjust the settings for different tasks. There is a list of the topics covered in the beginning of the video. I recommend watching the whole video.