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Hi. Sorry it’s giving you guys trouble. did you follow the instructions outlined in the update email you received? There’s special instructions for this particular upgrade that aren’t normally necessary due to this particular upgrade of Blender 2.79:

Small update for Alchemy, mostly concerning buttons display for Blender 2.79 UI. Because there are several big API changes in the latest version of Blender, it is recommended that you do a full reinstall of Alchemy. The safest way to do this would be to first export your libraries before updating. That way they’re safe incase there is an issue with updating.

You can easily import and export your libraries by clicking on the Alchemy options button (next to the main “Library” button) then press “System” then “Manage” and “IMPORT” or “EXPORT”. Pressing “EXPORT” will export the active (current) library to a folder location on your computer. Just press “ACCEPT” in the top right corner after pressing “EXPORT” once you’ve selected a location you want the file to go to.

You’ll need to uncheck “System” then select a different library and repeat this process for each library you want to export. Once finished, you can re-install the addon. Importing the libraries back is just as easy. Apologies for this inconvenience. Normally updating Alchemy is as simple as the steps listed below, and will continue to be after this update. Thanks.

If you didn’t follow the instructions, or there was another issue. You may have to do a full uninstall of Alchemy, then re-install.