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No, I think you missed it, look two comments up you’ll see this again:

Hi. Looks like this was not an issue with your install of Alchemy. The pink materials are coming from pink light being cast on your objects at render time. The pink light is coming from a pink background. A pink background is what displays whenever Blender is trying to get image data from somewhere it doesn’t exist. This can also happen on objects with materials that use images, but the images have been removed.

So it looks like you had added an environment image at some point, but then the environment image was removed from your file, thus instead of flooding the objects in your scene with the color information from the environment image, Blender cast the pink light from the missing image file onto everything… thus everything looks pink when trying to render.

You might have settings or other addons that are interfering with the image files related to your blend files. Since you’re also using DND Environments, you can do a quick test:

• Open Blender and drag an environment image out into the 3D view.
• Save that file somewhere (like your desktop).
• Close the file then open it back up again.

If the environment is no longer there when you open the file back up, it may mean a setting or some other addon is interfering with the way your installation of Blender is handling image files at save time. You might want to try disabling the “Automatically Pack Into Blend” option found under File > External Data in Blender’s file menu. Or try disabling other 3rd party addons until things behave normally and you can determine what’s causing the issue.