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when I use the alpha keyboard keys

Hi. What are alpha keyboard keys? Do you mean when you use the numpad number keys, or default 1-0 (top left of keyboard) keys. Next, the keymap you’re describing sounds like Blender default’s. It’s possible your install of Sensei Format failed in some way, or you, or an addon you’re using, has changed some other keymap setting.

You should be able to hold alt and tap your middle mouse button to instantly zoom in on your selection. Or, while in object mode, if you press “W” a mesh object such as a cube or sphere should become smooth and get a subsurf modifier added to it. If the events I described do not happen, then it means you’re not using Sensei Format’s hotkeys, which most likely means there was an issue with your install of Sensei Format. Did you follow the instructions in the how to install Sensei Format video?

You may want to go to File > User Preferences > Addons tab > select “Sensei Format” addon category (from the list that will display on the Addons tab to the left) and make sure everything is checked. If not, check it all and press “Save User Settings” at the bottom of the User Preferences window before exiting.