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Hi Ketre. The composite option gets activated whenever using Focus (depth of field) effects as well as mist (depending on whether you are using Cycles or BR) in addition to being its own thing. So it’s possible the option was activated when using one of those settings. Also, I did discover a bug with the Sensei format “Composite” option, which was indeed causing black screen renders for BR and Cycles. It has been corrected and will be issued with the next release of Sensei Format (which should be released soon, as the last big update had a few issues in it).

At some point, you might like the Sensei Format Composite option. It automatically generates a node rig and assets for both BR and Cycles, so you can instantly separate your foreground from background and add different Photoshop-like effects to the rendered background and front objects of each frame.

However, when Blender crashed and I attempted to enter the correct frame number to start at I had to manually slide the numbers up when previously I was able to enter the number.

This is a little hard to understand because you’re making reference “when Blender crashed” to something you did not mention or describe. So I don’t know what’s going on, or what the issue could be. As far as I can tell you can enter all values manually, or slide them anywhere in the dopesheet area.