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Hi. Sorry, release of the vlog was canceled. The menu that’s added in the toolshelf explains most of what’s going on with the Draw Topo tool. You can also (as with any button) hover your mouse over the menu items that become visible when you add a Draw Topo object to see what they do (located in the 3D View toolshelf, left side of the screen when you press “T”). All of the buttons in the Draw Topo menu that appear once you’ve added the Draw Topo object display the same information, which is a list describing each icon, and what each button using said icon does.

The detail slider will cause your Draw Topo object to conform more tightly to the object (when working with highly detailed sculpts). Of course holding V creates a grease stroke and pressing Shift-V converts those strokes into mesh, same basic premise as with the Draw Mesh tool (see the Draw Mesh Blender Forums Youtube video for more on that). Pressing “Finish Draw Topo” will complete the operation and hide the object which you were using the Draw Topo object on so you can more clearly see the results of your retopologized object.

For sure, an actual tutorial for this is needed, but it’s going to have to wait until the next version of Sensei Format is released and these tools get updated. Sorry for the delay. Thanks.