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Hi Steve. A good way to check if something is being caused by Sensei Format or something on your personal computer, is to go to File > Sensei Format > Deactivate Sensei. This will shut Blender down and when you open it again, you’ll be in Blender default. If this issue still occurs while in Blender default, it’s not related to Sensei Format but either some issue with Blender itself or your personal computer and settings.

I’ve never seen this error before (nor has anyone reported an error like this to my knowledge). You can change your default render output settings by clicking on the render tab of the properties panel (camera icon far left of the properties panel which sits on the right side of the screen above the camera area). Be sure to press File > Save Startup File and press “Ok” if you change a setting in Blender that you want to stay the same every time you open Blender.