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Hi Michael. Thanks for your purchases! As mentioned on the ad and information page for the SEBP (which stands for Seamless Elemental Brush Pack) the brush pack is a pack of 300 seamless, tillable 2048×2048 texture images for use directly as texture brushes or as repeating textures (which could be used in the creation of shaders or materials or in game asset models). It is not a material pack on its own however, and contains no materials nor is it advertised anywhere as a pack of materials which is why it is called a “brush pack” and not a “material pack”.

Because (As mentioned in the ad, or anywhere you can purchase the product on the site) this is just a pack of texture images, Alchemy doesn’t have a mechanism for just auto converting a folder of images directly into materials (although this might be a cool feature to ad for the future). Alchemy’s syphon feature exists to make gathering existing materials from a Blend file, or folder of blend files into a single library with the press of a button, not for creating the materials themselves.