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Hi. Thanks! If by “Blender stops working” you mean it crashes, then no, no one reports that so probably something going on with your system. If by “Blender stops working” you mean your background image does not load, this is due to a setting Sensei Format keeps disabled “Load UI” which you can re-enable under File > User Preferences then click the “File” tab at the top of the screen and check “Load UI”. Then press “Save User Settings” in the bottom left corner of the user preferences screen before you close.

Blender requires this option “Load UI” on to store background image states. The disadvantage to having this is on is that, if you download a Blender file from somewhere and open it up, your entire user interface will be overwritten. If you don’t plan on using old Blend files or Blend files you download from somewhere else you’ll be fine to leave it on.