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Hi Jim. I’m having trouble repeating the issues you’re having. Seems to be working over here. If you could upload an example file where this issue is happening and a few screenshots say one before the issue and then another right after it happens that would help a lot. As is stated in the Forum Guidelines, be sure not to cut part of the screen off or zoom in on something. I can usually resolve an issue 90% of the time from a screenshot via context clues within a full screenshot, not so much when the user zooms in on an area. If you’re on a Linux or Windows machine, also right after the cube disappears (or whatever happens that’s not supposed to) if you could go to the top and under “Window” press “Toggle System Console” and take a screenshot of that. That may help also. If you’re unfamiliar with taking screenshots (some people seem to be) just press the “Print Scrn” button on your keyboard, then open Paint or Photoshop or any image program go to Edit and press paste. Save it as a JPG so it’s not huge. Additionally, if you’re using any other 3rd party addons (addons you installed not included with Blender) be sure to try and disable them first to see if they’re causing any conflicts. If you prefer not to post any pictures or files publicly you can mail me the screenshots via