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Woops. Also (after check marking the Freestyle box in the render tab) click on the render layers tab of the properties panel (right next to the render icon on the properties panel) to gain access to 3 more new menus, Freestyle, Freestyle Line Set, and Freestyle Line Style. One thing I did after fooling around with it for a little while was disable the checkbox option “Solid” under the “Layer” menu in the render layers tab (at the top). This stops the mesh from rendering and leaves just the lines.

Also, this is kind of awesome. I started with a simple cube, marking all of its edges as “Freestyle”, then after pressing the render preview button, it just highlighted the edges with dark lines which was kind of cool, but then (after going back to edit mode) tapped W a few times to use subsurface smoothing and started extruding some faces back in edit mode, and quickly discovered that this toolset is really cool. It really can make things look cartoony and awesome.