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I’ve been torn from time to time about whether or not that folder really needs to be there but I think when push comes to shove, if you’re serious about making things you need quick access to dragging files out at all times. Whether that’s to immediately reset the file for quick test alterations or to quickly edit a bunch of linked files (dragging and dropping files out of this folder can be done even without the assets library active, they just can’t be linked or appended). This is also an intuitive way to select and work with a specific folder whenever you need it rather then having to manually select a folder value before each session which would be what you’d have to do if this wasn’t setup this way. That’s why if you remove the base file manager from the workspace the new default location will be at the user’s hard drive index every time it’s opened.

Even with the base folder removed, the issues you’re describing with not being able to link or append files aren’t happening on mine. Under File/ Sensei Format are you using the latest version 5.21? There was some pretty significant asset library bugs worked out just a few versions back which may be causing these issues. SF only checks for updates once a day but if you go File/ Sensei Format and uncheck “Check For Updates”, then close and restart Blender you should shortly get a message about a new version being available. Follow the instructions to update to the latest version if you’re not using it. Your user settings should be preserved even when updating to the latest version (though I can’t guarantee this for every setting depending on what changes have been made and what’s new to Sensei Format, but most should carry over).

After getting updated (or even if not) you should be able to follow these instructions to return the workspace to normal:

• Click the small diagonal lines in the top right corner of the dopesheet animation editor near the bottom of the screen and drag it down to split the dopesheet editor into two editors.

• Next click the button that appears on the far bottom left of the new editor and change it to the “File Manager” type. Press the tilde key or Ctrl-Up to expand this window so you can set things back up.

• If the menus are closed look for the little transparent plus sign tabs at the top and left side of the file browser so you can click them and re expand the menus.

• Under where it says “Back To Previous” in the top header menu you should see three icons representing different thumbnail display types. Click the one to the far left of the three to get the “Short List” thumbnail display type back. Also be sure to change where it says “Normal” next to these thumbnail display icons and change it to “Tiny”.

• Navigate through the system menu to the left to get back to where your default Blender folder is. Shut closed all the menus you had to expand by clicking their sides and dragging them closed. Press tilde or Ctrl-Up to get back to your regular view. You can now drag the default file browser window however high you want it to be. Go to File/ Save Startup File then be sure to press the “Ok” confirmation message that pops up to save your startup file.