FORUMS FORUMS General Help Alt selecting edge does not loop select for me. Reply To: Alt selecting edge does not loop select for me.



We can also try just directly creating a new hotkey.

Go to File/ User Preferences/ (select “Input” tab at the top of user preferences)
Click open the “3D View” menu. Scroll down and click open the “Mesh” menu.
You should see two commands next to each other after scrolling down a bit that say “Loop Select”
One Loop Select’s button should say “Alt Select Mouse” the other should say “Shift Alt Select Mouse”.
Click them open if they’re there and make sure they’re using the right key presses

If they are already using the right keypresses or they’re not there at all create a new key by scrolling down to the bottom of the “Mesh” list and pressing “Add New”, a key called “none” should appear right above the “Add New” button. Click it open and paste in:


in the box to the far left. You’ll see its name change from “none” to “Loop Select”. Set its keys to “Mouse”. Make sure “Alt” is checkmarked and make sure the box to the far right in this box says “Press”. Close these menus up and press “Save User Settings”. See if this overwrites the issue.