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*ducks and hides* last time i tried to use blender seriously was 2.49, i had a 3 button mouse but no matter how hard i tried to scroll and pan it didnt work… so i remember a tutorial saying… make sure to put a check in emulate 3 button mouse and just sort of always did when i would open up blender.. but of course i would take one look at the interface.. blink 3 times and call a therapist it was so daunting…. I stuck with carrara studio pro, zbrush and 3dcoat….tried dozens of other modellers.. but alas.. upgrading and keeping them upgraded got to be expensive…. pay once.. then pay another 3 months later..then pay again 6 months later…….

I am sorry my own ignorance wasted your time =/

thank you for helping me figure it out.