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I’ve never heard of this happening. If you’re on an older computer (more than 10 years old) you may want to check the “Shading” menu in the properties shelf (press “T” to bring up the properties and tool shelf in the main 3D view) and see if changing it from “GLSL” to “Multitexture” does anything. But I’m guessing this isn’t the issue.

The only other reason things would be black is if you were in material or texture viewport shading (press alt-z) and there was no lamp within your scene or you happen to be clicked on a layer with no lamp in it. Next to the word “Global” at the bottom of the main 3D view menu where there are a bunch of little boxes (these are your layers), make sure the one pressed in is the one at the far top left. Also make sure where it says “-Scene Light” in your outliner (box at bottom left of screen) and that by this lamp “-Scene Light” the little camera icon to its right is turned on.