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Hey Vik, glad you like Sensei Format. Yeah there’s a bug from what I can tell still in the latest release of Blender where if you disable the “Load UI” option, and try to load a Blender file (not the actual exe program itself but say some file you had been working on) it will crash Blender (atleast I know it will on Windows 7 and Vista). It’s strange because typically even if there are no major bugs like this, Blender would have released an addendum version of Blender by now such as 2.74a or 2.74b with updates and bug fixes. But they’ve not released any bug fixed versions since March 31st which is very unlike I’m not sure what’s going on over there, perhaps they’re working on a really big upgrade.

In anycase sounds like your issue may be coming from something else. So just to be clear, Blender 2.74 only crashes on your Linux system with Sensei Format installed? Or does regular Blender 2.74 crash even without Sensei Format? If you haven’t checked if it works without Sensei Format, please do and let me know.

Also if you could open up Blender (with Sensei Format installed on your Linux system) and then press “Window/Toggle System Console” and perhaps take a screenshot of that when Blender first loads and another up until the point Blender crashes (or as its crashing if possible though probably not), might be helpful. You can post them here or if you prefer email them to me @gmail.