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Thanks Vik I appreciate that. Hmm, I’m not sure it may have to do with the startup file the old Sensei Format uses. Lots of new videos are on the way for the new soon to be released version of Sensei Format along with a host of amazing upgrades. The new version relies much more heavily on code and addons rather than configuration (especially hotkey maps) and startup files which should increase compatibility. Ultimately I need to have a computer dedicated to a Linux environment so I can immediately address this sort of thing, but sadly I don’t right now.

There is a slim chance this issue is related to a bug in Blender causing conflict with Sensei Format’s default Blender settings. As mentioned above, the Windows issue with the “Load UI” unchecked causing Blender to crash if you open Blender via a .blend file instead of the .exe. This issue has been reported to and they acknowledge it as a serious bug but have not yet made an official updated release. Since I have no idea what was causing this issue, it’s possible that other settings may be affecting Blender on other operating systems.

Just checked on the bug report apparently it’s been fixed but not in an official release build yet, as I mentioned it’s quite strange for to go so long after an official release to not update it with a 2.74a maybe they just stopped doing that. Going to download the test build here and see if the issue has really been resolved. If you’re not totally worn out from this ordeal, you might try downloading one of these test builds on your Linux system and see if that resolves the issue, but that’s a pretty big chance. Thanks again.