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Hi Ingie01. I just needed it for almost a straight anatomical pose like what is generated by Make Human. So I did not need to move it much, but I imported bones with the model. I was only partially successful truthfully. I was able to texture the model to match the rock pretty well, took a few hours. Then I lost it because I forgot to save. Heartbreaking. Save save save.

I tried to delete the bones, and turn the mesh into a “standard” mesh, if there is such a thing. I’m assuming such. I just left the bones, and worked with what I had. It wasn’t a perfect solution.

Perhaps if anyone else can chime in here. Is there a way to import a MakeHuman model and make the mesh compatible with all the other meshes in Blender?

While I’m at it, I’m not sure how to get Draw Mesh to work well with standard meshes generated by mesh>. Anyone have any ideas?