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Check out File/User Preferences/ System (button at the top right of User Pref window). Check out “Compute Device” settings. Mess around with those, if you find something that works hit “Save User Preferences” at the bottom left corner.

Also check the Performance menu of the Render tab in the properties panel (Camera icon). Try changing the Threads settings, acceleration structure or tile size. I’m not entirely sure why these settings might be causing issues but it’s they’re the first places I would think to check. If it turns out the issue was a setting under the “Performance” menu. Remember, screenshot, or write down your settings, restart Blender change them to the new settings that work then go to File/Save Start Up file. And this will save your changes (note that saving User Preferences only saves items change in the User Preferences window).

If it’s none of these then I’m not sure what to tell you. New SF will be out soon.