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Sorry you’ve been having trouble with it. Not sure why. I was thinking about something that gave me a lot of trouble a year or so ago. Wondering if it might have anything to do with this. But if you change your main 3D Window (icon in the bottom left of 3D View) to the Node Editor, there are three icons bound together, one looks like a material, then the second looks like two pictures over lapping eachother and the third looks like a checker board. Click the second one. This lets you control compositing nodes. Make sure all options here are deselected and delete all the nodes there.

This default node setup is so you can easily use a depth of filed effect for the camera when in regular Blender mode. But I remember it was the source of a lot of rendering issues, even though it’s not checked by default to be used in Sensei Format. Historically Blender has had hundreds of bugs when dealing with this issue. If this turns out to be the source of your troubles then start a fresh file, make your changes and click “Save Startup File” under the File option.

In the future I’m going to add settings to generate this stuff dynamically, so that might help. Then again this may have nothing to do with your current problem, just thought I’d mention it.