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Try using the regular brush menu in the tools tab. See if you can even create a palette the regular Blender way, if you can’t then it’s probably not an issue with Zero Brush but something else.

You can’t disable visibility of layers during Cycles mode. Come to think of it, maybe would have been a better idea if I left all of those icons with an open eye rather than blank to express this point. The “New Merged Layer” button only works for color diffuse maps which in ZB are Color layers but also glow layers. The main point of this was to be able to create multiple color layers (usually texture painted which you can see and edit while in Blender internal) and then be able to merge them into one layer for game assets or to be able to see in Cycles, as Cycles can only display one color layer at a time.

If you’re switching back and forth between Cycles, make sure you’re always using ZB’s Cycles switching buttons either in the top menu in texture paint mode or by pressing Q/Use Cycles or if you can’t use Q by pressing the little blank space between the fullscreen button and the particle brush button if you need to switch back and forth but are in a mode other than texture paint.

If you’re having trouble with layers disappearing when you switch back and forth between Cycles, press save my layers to do a save over all images or just press the zb object mode button at the top to hop into object mode (which if autosave is left on and it is by default) will save only that current object’s layers. The whole thing about saving layers, is that Blender likes to abruptly delete these images if you don’t occasionally save them in one way or another. This happens ZB or no. However you may have some other weird file stuff going on with your system, not sure.

Instead of creating a new merged layer in Cycles, you may wish to just press “Bake Materials” which will create a baked layer, thus effectively merging all of your visible Cycles layers. Do this while in Cycles of course for Cycles baking to be used. Be aware that baking, especially in Cycles, can take a very long time so you may wish to lower your bake quality in the ZB menu as well as New Layer Size, just to test and see if that’s what you’re looking for, then do a better quality one later.

If you first select the little folder icon to turn on hard drive saving then select a folder location, then press Save My Layers. You can then open them all up in Photoshop, merge them then save them as the exact name of one of the layers you don’t mind being the new merged layer. Then save that file (make sure you keep the filename the same as whatever layer you want to be replaced or else ZB won’t be able to reload them). Back in Blender, hit the “Reload” button in the ZB layer menu. Not sure what to tell you if you’re still unable to use the “Save To Hard Drive” feature and have it work though.