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Thanks Hayzy. A few questions:

• What operating system are you on?

• Are you using Sensei Format or just the Zero Brush 1.5 addon alone?

• If using Sensei Format and on Windows, did you install via the .zip or installer?

• Are you using the latest version of Blender 2.73a ? (If not, highly recomend going and getting it

Also, make sure you’re always using the Material viewport shading and not the texture viewport shading (this won’t solve any of your problems, just a much better way to view your object, although Zero Brush will tyipcally set you to material viewport shading by default).

There are some issues with Cycles layers regarding the names of the images, but not the names of the textures/layers (this is mentioned in the known issues area of the Zero Brush 1.5 release page here on the site). Basically you can rename textures (paint layers) anything you want, but the actual image names need to at least have “color” in its name if it is a color layer “bump” if it is a bump layer and so on. I wouldn’t change the image names directly unless absolutely necessary until you are finished with your project. You can of course name the textures anything to help label your project and it work fine. But I’m not even sure if this is your issue here. Sounds like some other weird stuff is going on with your file. Not sure if you’re on Windows or not but I’ve heard weird things can happen on some machines if Blender isn’t being run as an administrator. You may investigate right clicking on Blender and under Security, checking advance and change as many settings for ownership and control in your favor as possible. So, far you’re the first with these particular issues. Hope we can get them worked out. Thanks again.