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      I’ve asked this question in several places but can’t seem to get an answer… Hoping someone here might have some insight.

      I’m very new to Blender and am currently learning on a Mac Studio with the M1 Max chip. During some of the lessons, while attempting to go into Material Preview the object turns magenta and the preview will not generate.

      I’ve  been told that is a limitation of the M1 chip and it has reached its texture limit. Okay… I get that.

      My question is this… The M1 Max has TWO M1 chips (and the M1 Ultra has 4), so shouldn’t Blender be able to handle the added textures? I understand development and optimization is ongoing with Blender and Apple silicon and this may not have been addressed yet. One of the benefits of the M1 chip, supposedly, is that software will be able to see multiple M1 chips as a single chip.



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