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      I’m having issues with my hard surface object/mesh being asymmetrical, despite having a Mirror Modifier added (not yet applied) to it. Note that I also have a Shrinkwrap modifier applied to it with a smoothing mesh target. The smoothing mesh is symmetrical.

      One side seems to have more dents than the other side, even though the edges and vertices appear to be identical. This isn’t a lighting issue, as I’ve already checked that. I’ve run into similar issues with Maya in the past, but it’s been too long that I can’t remember what the solution might be.

      What would one do to solve this type of problem?

      EDIT: I’ve tried:
      – Applying the mirror modifier, selecting half of the mesh, deleting that half, then adding another mirror modifier.
      – Applying symmetrize (this seems to stretch the mesh in some areas for each direction [I’ve tried them all]).

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      Blender Sensei

      Hi Pamela. Posting a screenshot or two might help. Have you tried changing the order of the modifiers? You can do so by dragging the little dots in the top right corner of each modifier. The order of modifiers affects the final result a lot. Have you tried messing with the Bisect and Flip options for each axis on the mirror modifier? This can also change results. A good way to test with how the bisect and flip values on the mirror modifier can change something is to make a monkey head and then extrude something weird on one side of its face and the other side of its head. Also consider the location of the object’s origin point (the orange dot) as this will be the center point the modifier uses to mirror things.

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