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      Hello Blender Community,

      I’m delighted to announce the launch of DoriFlow, a new addon aimed at elevating the fluid simulation experience within Blender. As a CFD engineer and Blender enthusiast, I’ve been observing the gradual improvements in Blender’s fluid simulation tools, and now, with DoriFlow, we’re introducing a fresh perspective.

      DoriFlow is a GPU-accelerated fluid solver designed to utilises Blender’s ray tracing and 3D capabilities, with scalable scenes, and fluid-structure interaction (FSI). Our emphasis on realism extends to incorporating whitewater effects, ensuring simulations feel immersive and authentic.

      Currently, we’re in the beta testing phase and are seeking feedback and bug reports from experienced users of fluid simulation in 3D graphics software. Your insights are invaluable as we refine DoriFlow to better meet the needs of the Blender community.

      If you’re interested in participating in our beta test, we invite you to fill out the questionnaire linked below. We’re eager to share the beta version of the addon with you and hear your thoughts.

      Looking forward to get all the feedbacks from you.

      DoriFlow team.

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