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      “Find Missing Textures” help to find missing textures with simple but advanced panel!
      Also get report of the objects, materials and nodes that used the missing texture so you can know if its safe to remove them!

      You always try to clean up or fix your blender project, so you press on the “Report missing texture”, and get a list with a lot images path, but you don’t know if you still have objects or materials this images. and when you need the images, you don’t have power and time to find all the folders with your pictures – No more!

      With this add-on, you can get a full report of all the missing textures in your blender file and in which objects, material and node you have missing texture.

      And with the simple and advance panel (only come in the ‘FMT’ version) you can see and fix all of your missing texture with option to search your images in multi folders and sub folders.

      Find Missing Textures

      With Find Missing Textures, you can get a list of all the broken images in one place so you can easily fix them (or remove them if you don’t need them any more)!

      And the best part is that you can search your missing textures in multiple folders and sub folders to find your lost images with only one click!


      For more information and help, you can go the the post on blender artists:

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