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      Thanks for joining!

      This is a fun and creative environment that exists to help people achieve their dreams. On this site you can edit or delete any topic or reply you create whenever you want. We also offer dedicated forums to addon and content creators who focus on Blender related content (see Addons Hub, and Creators Hub forums). Check out our resources section where you can add and vote on your favorite Blender related resources here.

      ADDON BUG REPORTS: If you need to report a crash regarding Blender use the bug report button available in the default Blender help menu. For bugs regarding addons please email the appropriate support email for each addon vender.

      When asking for help: Be descriptive when asking for help. Posting things like, “I can’t make it go like I want with the brush” or similar text where little or no context is given, may result in having your post removed. Additionally, only ask for help with one (or perhaps two) issues at a time. It’s ok if you have more questions, but it’s best to try and solve them one at a time.

      Give and take: This site is still in its early days. I built this site because I didn’t like all the ads, toxicity, and draconian behaviors of other forum sites. That being the case, we have to help each other out man! For every question you ask on this site, try to help with at least one other person’s question. Under Forums > General Help > Search menu up above, you can search for topics you think you may be able to help with, or just browse through the forums on the front page. People are also a lot more likely to respond to your request for help the more thoroughly you explain your issue. Use screenshots or videos to help get your point across. Uploading a user avatar in your account area on this site also helps with that.

      Screenshots: When posting a screenshot, try to include the entire screen. Many issues can be resolved from context clues found in a full screenshot. Cropping, or zooming in on a screenshot makes problem solving more difficult. If the screenshot contains info you don’t want to display, use an image editing program to cover it up before posting.

      Report Button: If someone’s posting spam, dangerous links, or is harassing you, press the “Report” button on their topics or replies. No one should have to put up with spam or harassment, so use this button when needed but use it thoughtfully.

      Site Suggestions: If you have a suggestion for a new forum, or other site related suggestions please post here.

      Subscriptions: You can subscribe to forums and topics by pressing the Subscribe button that appears over them. This means you’ll be emailed whenever someone posts a new topic in a forum or someone posts a new reply on a topic. You can unsubscribe from these at any time. You can also view your subscriptions in your account area by clicking “Edit Account” under the Account menu.

      Promotions: You’re welcome to promote your free or paid addons in the free or paid addons forums and via your own dedicated forum if granted one. Do not spam or post repeat content. Reserve posts about your products, site, channel, or other related content for relevant forums and for when you have something new to share. All other promotions should be posted in the promotions forum. Posting any promotions or advertisements that aren’t related to Blender (or works created, at-least in part, with Blender i.e. games, film, etc.) will get you immediately banned from the site.

      Image & file posting: You can upload images, .blends, and zip files using the Attachments button. Press it, then press “Upload” at the top. YouTube videos and the like will automatically embed when pasting links. When linking to files, please do not link to external file hosting sites unless its from your own website or a major, respected, file hosting site such as or Please do not post links to mediafire or sites like it filled with spam, viruses, and illegal content.

      Code Posting Tips: When posting code snippets, say in the Python Help forum, it’s usually better to use the “Pre” format rather than the “Code” format. Pre can be found under “Formats > Blocks > Pre” in the post header menu. BTW you can paste links right onto selected text! Just press Ctrl-V with some text selected to paste the link.

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