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      Hi, I would like to mix (master) your (voice) track for free (limited offer, as long as I can handle it). Suitable for YouTube tutorials, for example.

      Tips before recording:

      • Talk approx 20 cm from the microphone
      • Talk in the direction of the center of the room if possible (Avoid reflection of walls)
      • Drink some water to reduce mouth noise.
      • Don’t talk directly in the mic, but rotate your head a little bit away from it. (this is to reduce mouth noise which will be amplified when you compress the sound)
      • Keep the same distance from the mic while recording.
      • Carpets and other fabrics are welcome. These reduce the reflections of the room. During mastering, it’s hard to remove these reflections, and it’s better to have a choice of what reflections we want).
      • Talk “in front of your mouth” rather than “in your throat.”
      • Use a pop filter if possible.
      • Preferably wav file, 32-bit signed.
      • You can load a movie in Blender and render out only the sound in the VSE.

      What I do:

      • Reduce unwanted sounds (not manually but with filters and gates, etc.).
      • Reduce unwanted resonance with eq
      • Reduce the peaks a bit (limiter)
      • Compress the sound, so there are not too many fluctuations in volume. (compressor or multiband-compressor)
      • Add saturation if applicable.
      • EQ the sound to make it more pleasing.
      • A (very) tiny bit of reverb if the sound is too dry.

      Why I offer this
      I probably want to start mastering service later on.

      How to request:
      If you reply here, I will ask you for a link to the file (cloud, for example) in a pm. Or you can pm me directly.

      I also do soundtracks (composition, mixing, and mastering), but I need to charge for that. Some examples are on SoundCloud:


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      This is cool! I didn’t know you were into sound design. That’s awesome you’re offering these services for free! BTW if you’d like your own set of forums in the Creators Hub, Addons Hub, or both here on the site, I would be glad to hook you up. Just send an email to with the name and description details.

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