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      Ok. This is tricky. I run a prison-based studio and have a number of blender fans within the studio. I am s graphic designer – adobe trained, not an animator or blender user at all, so it is really hard to negate some of the issues these guys are having. First and foremost, you should know they have NO INTERNET ACCESS, so we are playing Chinese whispers here. Have a look at GreenFoxStudio Facebook
      Page and there is a little clip on there from the guy that has posted below – just to give you an idea of the style of work he is creating. Here goes:

      Not sure how to convey this problem I’m having with just a few pics and some notes but;

      Blender has been no problem for the past few animations I’ve done.

      But recently, with 2.8, the last few scenes – I’ve been having problems – mainly the frame rate drop in viewport in playback.

      I’m getting roughly 4-7 frames per second – something I cannot work with because the project involves co-ordination with music and lip syncing.

      I’ve noticed through trial and error that some materials seem to cause this issue – The character with the red cap is wearing a material colour ‘black’.

      As soon as I get rid of it, my frame rate jumps back up to 20 – 24 fps. Funny thing is, I can assign the material ‘black’ to other objects with no problem.

      Sounds like a simple solution: Just create a new material right?

      But my other scenes are also running slow; and it’s not the ‘black’ material at fault in those scenes. Is there an explanation for this? And why is it only happening now?

      My machine is no beast, but I’m guessing this problem lies in some unticked checkbox somewhere….Please help. Thankyou.

      (oh, please excuse the lazy naming convention or lack thereof in the outliner panel. lol)

      Windows 7 professional
      Intel i7 3770 @ 3.40GHz
      16GB RAM
      Nvidia Quadro K620

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