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      This is not actually a Sensei question/problem, but someone may have a solution. I am new to Blender and using version 2.79 along with Sensei. I am trying to learn how to import height maps. and am running into a problem. All the tutorials tell me to install the import image addon. that works fine. I go through all the steps which are all the same in all the tutorials: import images as planes>choose image>subdivide plane>modifiers>displace,,,, and this is where I hit a wall. the tutorials tell me to go to modifiers, select the height map and raise the strength. The problem is, I can’t find the height map name listed when I tap the Texture icon in displace even though I imported it. It shows up in the outliner and also in a line above the “add modifier” slot but not in the Texture list. There was a few times when I was able to access the heightmap, but then when I attempted to raise the strength, the whole mesh moved around the 3d viewport and the mesh itself did not adjust. I have to guess the tutorials are omitting something or, more likely, I am missing something. Can someone enlighten a newbie and show him what he is doing wrong?

      Jim Lawrence

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