like blender sensei, but wanna try with nested pie menus

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      Hello everyone, I start using blender with blender sensei, and i like it!

      now I want to give a try to the “nested pie menus addon” because it looks great imo.
      I also like the “dynamic space bar addon” and the “quick tools addon”

      the thing is, i want this addons + sensei format + a personal customization of the hotkeys for the “nested pie menus”

      i would like to have every “pie menu hotkey” that its most used, well put togheter.
      like, my five fingers on: BLOCK MAYUS, A, S, X, SPACE BAR, and all keys around those.

      You are working on a expansion of sensei format, right? and i will definetly give it a try.

      but sensei format + this addons, create some conflicts with hotkeys, and i want to make my custom hotkeys right from scratch, so, any advice would be great.

      im especially interested on modeling, texturing, animating for games

      I tried this addons without sensei format, and its not the same, its not just about memorizing hotkeys, but also about navigation, and some litlle smart changes that sensei format have, like selections and deselections.

      Hope my english is good enough, cheers!

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