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      Manage Blender Projects (MBP)

      Manage Blender Projects” is a blender project manager that helps you to manage your projects and clients within the blender panel!

      With “Manage Blender Projects (MBP)“, you can:

      1. Manage your blender projects and clients within blender, keep track of your projects progress and save all the project details (project status, project start and finish date, project income, client name, etc.) in the blender N-Panel.

      2. Open your projects blender file or folder from the projects list so you do not need to search for them in all of your computer.

      3. The addon creates for you all the folders that you want when creating a new project and saves the blender file in the right folder.

      4. NEW!! – Track the time that you worked on your projects (if you want to move your old projects data to the new version with the timer, you can read in the dos tab how to do it).

      5. Export all your project data to a csv file so you can see a nice summery of your projects and work.


      MBP – Lite

      A simple version for non-freelancers. only have a simple projects list (without the client’s list). you can add the project name, status, and notes

      !!!!All versions tested only on Windows!!!!

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