Master, Sensei! I has dis amazing add-on for you!

FORUMS FORUMS 3D Animation Master, Sensei! I has dis amazing add-on for you!

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      *bows head*
      Sensei, if you would permit, I have an add-on here that perhaps you would take interest in…
      It creates motion trails (with various simple settings) in the viewport that help visualize your animation and work process.

      Here is a screen shot if you’re not sure what this is.

      Basically it helps visualize motion curves/motion in the viewport, where you can actually even adjust the curve it generates to change the motion. Really sweet stuff!

      There is a slight catch though, the original developer does not seem to want to polish it off, I think he forgot about it. It is under creative commons license and you can modify albeit credit to him is provided. There are only 2 issue with the addon.

      1, the motion curvers don’t update when new motion is created, you have to deselect and reselect the animated object for the new curve to generate, so fixed updating is needed, should be easy.

      2. There is an issue somewhere in the script that causes an issue where you can not save it’s settings to the file, it will show an error when you try and stay at the default settings.

      That’s it, 2 fairly simple bugs.
      If you want, I’ll make a video explaining exactly what this addon is and what the two issues are and views on how to fix them.

      Just thought I’d bring this up because it would be really cool to see in Sensei format!!! My current layout is largely based on it, I do have it set up to my personal liking though.

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