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      Hi ,thanks for taking the time to read. I had come across another user who asked a very similar question but can’t find it so apologies for the same question.

      I have been getting back into 3d modeling and following tutorials atec to get back into the swing of things . Now that I am at stage I am fairly confident on what I am doing I would like to venture off and start doing my own stuff.

      One thing that still find a bit of a struggle is sizing of models ,especially like building and street scenes. I want to get a better grasp of how I should be modeling them so that they don’t look out of place in my scenes, for instance I eventually want to creat an animation using a model I created who I have made to represent a 6ft person. My idea would be to have the person move from one a room in the building down set of stairs and out the door to then walk down the street to another building ,just something basic but that would help me get a feel for more animation .
      Now what I can seem to figure out is should I be always modeling things in real world scale? Such as the building my character lives in would be around a 4-6 story building and there would be around 2-4 apartments per floor, I would want the building to look like it could be believable and not stand out or look strange in the scene and also look like it would be able to house that many apartments.

      Another question I have is with transitioning from one are to another within an animation should I create all things separate or like create the apartment building and then work on things in the inside of the model so it’s all one model.

      I know these are questions that have probably been asked a hundred times over but thanks for taking the time to read and any help giving would be greatly appreciated

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