Placing objects on a plane (or other objects)

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      [I had posted this earlier, but the post vanished…Retrying.]

      Often we have to create a scene like the room scene, where we place different objects on floor, table, etc.
      At such times, we cannot be sure if the object has touched the surface.
      Usually we have to move it close to the plane as much as possible.
      Sometimes there is a gap under the object, and sometimes the object pierces through the plane.

      IINW there are (at least) two workarounds:
      (a) snap the objects together, and
      (b) use physics to drop the objects on the object below.

      But can there be a feature where we can naturally place an object till it touches the surface below?
      (Just like how we place a chair on floor, or a book on table, where gravity ensures that there is no gap.)

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