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      Google Poly Poly Pizza made by Dook

      Google Poly
      Google poly used to be a great place to download great low poly models because of its easy to use VR modelling app Blocks. However in classic google fashion they’ve decided to kill off another great service. RIP ⚰️

      That’s why Dook spent 5 months building a better way for game devs to find free models.

      Poly Pizza website prominently showing a 3D low poly log and axe on the front page

      Dook as a solo developer with questionable art skills, he was tired of having to search through all these different sites. he would download these huge assets packs only to find the model he was looking for wasn’t even there. Because of this he made high quality search and previews a top priority for the site.

      Low poly 3D model of an airplane on Poly pizza

      he found a lot of other sites had lots of low quality uploads getting in the way of what he was looking for, so all uploads are hand curated. This makes sure they’re all game ready and properly tagged for search, making for a much better experience.

      he also hand sorted all 50,000 or so models from Poly to find the best ones for game development, making Poly Pizza a really great Google Poly alternative.

      And if the site doesn’t have the model you’re looking for, you’ll get results for high quality picks from the Unity Asset Store and around the web.

      If you’d rather spend time actually making your game instead of hunting for models, Poly Pizza is worth a visit

      I hope this list has been helpful! Best of luck on your modelling/gamedev adventures

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