Re-Organize "Array" Modifier to be Understandable

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      Mr. Sensei:

      I started looking into this modifier when trying to figure out how to produce “Radial Symmetry” of Objects with Blender. The only intelligible information I could find was on YouTube – and the process for creating the equivalent of radial symmetry in Blender was not at all “intuitive” or even understandable to a normal human being.

      Following the tutorial and learning how to do this rather simple thing was much harder than it needed to be. The experience really ended up being a “monkey see, monkey do” exercise. I’m not sure, after only a few days, that I could repeat the non-intuitive process from memory.

      All of this screams, to me, “This is lousy software design!”

      I know you could do much better with an “Array” interface of your own making.

      What do you say?

      Greg Smith

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